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Dragon Egg - 3D Printed

Dragon Egg - 3D Printed

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Dragon Egg - Articulated/Flexi - Color of your choice

Printed with PLA, color of your choice.
This dragon egg is a nice toy and also a nice decoration for your desk! Also a cool gift for your beloved ones. You can buy a single egg or you can also make combinations with other models.

There are 2 sizes for the eggs.

For small size,

You can combine with tiny models. 3 pieces for tiny model can fit in it.

For large size,

You can combine with,

A set of tiny models which include 30 pieces of different tiny models. The tiny models will be random. You can see all tiny models in the link below:

Or you can also make your own set with large eggs.  Also small frog, baby gemstone, small sunflower dragon, small triceratops, dragon and small octopus fit in large dragon egg. 

Multiple colored options may look different from different angles/sides and the color change will be random.

Please note that the item is 3D-printed, therefore slight imperfections are unavoidable as its nature. You might recognize the layers on the item which is also natural for 3D-prints. We tried to present the colors as accurately as possible, however different computer and phone screens may show slight variations in the color.
Additionally, all 3D-printed items are made to order, and will be printed and shipped within 1-3 business days.

The PLA we are using in our prints are,
Renewably-sourced, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable

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